Wednesday, November 25, 2009

West Elm Again!

West Elm got me again!

Check out this dining room!

Ok, let me try this again!
Last time I did my version of a West Elm dinning room...let's just say it was not to the T so here I go again.  Also, last time I used Picasa and that took forever.  I really need to learn how to use it...but not today.
So here I go.

Using my old dining table, not coat of paint needed $0
West Elm $499

These AWESOME chairs from Target at 2 for $55 [insert loud Yes!!!]
West Elm $198

AND another Ikea bookcase, but in white for $69.
West Elm $399

Hanging Lamp from Ikea $39
West Elm $99

West Elm Total $1,195
Eva's Version $163
Wooo hooo!!!!  I did well.  How do you like it? 
Oh I really want those chairs!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Outstanding job Eva! Get those chairs! Actually this would look great if you go with the blue you were talking about earlier. Just add a dash of blue in whatever you put in the bookshelf and the deco on the table.