Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I keep thinking about you Jackie!

Liz and I were chatting about a place down the street from the apartment that is called "Ecua phone cards" or something along those lines. I run or walk by it almost everyday! Every time I see the Ecuador flag I remember you, but I have yet to make it inside. When I do, I'll be proud to tell them all about my friend (o sea, tu!) who lives in Ecuador :-)

I also played soccer on Saturday (after a 12 mile run, I was soo tired, but it was soo much fun!). It was 18 guys and two girls. I was one of the two. The guys were actually very cool about having girls play and I had a lot of fun. We were out there for almost two hours and then had pizza all together afterwards. The team is called International Futbol Club, which is the co-ed version of the female team I started playing indoor with in the Spring. It is truly an International crowd, people from Africa, South America, Mexico, U.S., and Asia are part of it. One of the guys, who I actually invited to come out to play because I knew he liked soccer (I met him recently through a friend) kept poking fun at me (he was trying to be funny and nice, but didn't quite work with me) because I couldn't run as fast as them, he called me turtle and pointed out some flaws of mine. I wanted to punch him in the face, but besides that I realized that I didn't really care what he thought. All the other guys seemed cool with us making mistakes and honestly, I just really like playing soccer!! So he is not going to stop me :-)

But anyway, the important point was that I kept thinking of other girls that would want to play with us and thought about you. Unfortunately you are not here! But when you come back, you will play Jackie! But I'm soo glad you're also playing soccer there. I feel like it's in my heart and my blood. I just have so much fun playing! I imagine you do too. I just wanted to share with you :-)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

August is flying by....

Hey Jackie!

I hope you had an awesome b-day! Can't wait to read all about it :-)

As of me and my adventures, they continue! First, Idalia's celebration. I had so much fun and Eva picked up some delicious cupcakes! But I'll let Idalia tell the story from her perspective, but it was great!

In August my new nice was born, Yaretzi (luna amada or something like that) and I am very happy for the new and healthy addition. I have also had some other celebrations @ the house
with my nieces and their 13 and 14 b-days. The 14 yr old starts high school this week where Eva and I went to high school. I'm so excited and nervous for her at the same time. They're growing
too fast, I remember like it was yesterday when I held them in my arms. I'm going to move on because I think I may just cry.

Any way so I really like it the new place. It's also awesome that Liz lives down the street, I have
seen more of her over the past two weeks than the whole year! lol My room is coming along great (I'll post pics soon). I'm so glad I asked for help, it is easier to have more than just yourself trying to figure out what you want/need. It's been more enjoyable this way. I also brought my bike, but since I'm still scared of riding in
general, I'm having a hard time trying to event take it out of the garage! But I think it is so cute. A friend of mine painted it for me with the youth I used to volunteer for at the church, 'member? If I ever do ride it in the city, I will make a big deal about it and let you know :-)

In regards to travel, I took the free trip with my mom to Santa Fe. I wrote a little bit about in on my blog, check it out. It was fun. The summer dances continue in Chicago and I have also done a few more. The latest were Samba and Bulgarian music. I was sweating bullets both times, but I have to say, it is one of the few times when I don't care how much I sweat! Your cousins didn't come out this time :-/

Oh guess what? We saw Vanessa yesterday. It had been a while and it was nice to catch up. Her baby is so cute and getting bigger! Vane looks great and I think we all really enjoyed the time together. Although I over ate and then had a tummy ache :-( Pero lo comida nadie me lo quita!

It feels like the summer is flying by Jackie! I've enjoyed it very much being back in the city this year and wish you were here to go
dance with me. But it's ok, I admire you so much! Btw, I start school on Monday and my social life will decrease, I'm a nerd, you know how that goes. I focus and it's study time!

So perhaps, you may stop reading about all these fun outings and more about me sitting on my desk and stressing about them papers! Either way, you will hear from me lol

Cuidate Jackie! Sigue disfrutando Ecuador :-)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

FELIZ CUMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy B-Day! Best wishes! Pasatela bonito hoy y todo este nuevo ano!!

Con Carino,


Happy Birthday Jackie!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your birthday! Cheers to a new year!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday From All of Us!

May you feel our love (and hugs) through out this day and through out your stay in Ecuador.
We miss you, but are so happy to have such a brave friend!

Con Mucho Amor, FELICIDADES!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Idalia's Surprise Bowling Extravaganza Party!

On Tuesday we got together to celebrate our dear friend's birthday!  Since the rain ruined the beach plans for the b-day celebration...we needed to do something....and a bowling party seemed appropiate!

The party was held at Lucky Strike in downtown Chicago. 

We had food, drinks, CUPCAKES, and so much fun!

I'll let Idalia, tell u the details...since
1) I don't have pics
2) I want to know if she was really surprised!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Ready for Abuelo

This weekend was devoted to family and to turning Hari's office into a cozy room for my grandpa.  We moved Hari's desk into the formal living room (into a corner), re-arranged some furniture and put in a twin size bed in and TA-DA!  Room is ready!

I really liked it.  It feels cozy and cool at the same time.  The walls are sandy, the furniture is dark wood, and the bed covers are beige and light blue which match the fish tank!

I only took one quick pic!

Aside from our love of interior design, we did this to make my grandpa feel comfortable.  He said he was coming over for two weeks, but we really want him to stay longer.  Aside (again!) from wanting to spend time with him...the reason we want him to stay here is because he has been...how do I say...acting up after my grandma's passing.  To make it short...he wants to marry someone!  It doesn't seem to matter who, he just wants to marry anyone!  Sounds funny, but there was a lady half his age that was actually interested...well more interested in his money, which funny enough, he doesn't have much!

Anyways, now he is coming over to visit us and we are excited!  It's my mom's b-day on Thursday and I'm excited that my mom will get to spend it with her dad!

I hope this post makes sense, because I am hurrying up to try to catch some Zzzzz....