Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On to prettier things...

In an effort to pick myself up after Oprah's BIG announcement last Friday...I decided to think ahead.  Four days ahead to be exact.  So that means four days to move day

Check out this wonderful inspiration picture:

How Glorious!  Love the blue with the oak wood and the pillows!  Ohhh how I love this picture!!!

So much that I have been thinking of using it as inspiration for my new place.  The problem is that not long ago I got new green bedding, which then of course I had to get throw pillows for the bed, the couch, and seating cushions for the kitchen chairs!!!  You have to remember that I do live in a studio so everyhing has to co-exist - so everything is green!
But let's dream for a minute...if I was to forget about the guilt of indulgence...what would I get?

Ok, I can't get over all of my guilt so let's just skip the fancy stores and go straight to the best and the favorite.. Target!

I love the design on this tray.  The blue is also perfect.

And how about this pillow!!!  It matches my brown couch!  I like the swirls, makes it girly!

What about the lovebirds?  Awww.

AND this bow?!  Glamour!

 I like this bookcase from Ikea, but how about flipping it sideways and addind books, magazines, and pictures!  Lovely!

I am a girly pink girl, but I think I could live here!

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  1. Yes I could see you living there too. Hey I have seen this picture and really liked it...where?