Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009!

The goal for this Halloween was to dress up as something fun and budget friendly!  Let me say...

Last year, my lovely BF and I spent more than necessary on a Keg and Beer Girl outfits...only to use them once!

It was a good time...but this year we didn't want to spend that kinda $.

After talking to some girlfriends I decided on a blonde bombshell...but not just any bombshell....Read on and you will see.

On Thursday (after my close week ended), we headed to JoAnn's Fabrics (friend's reccomendation) to find "something" cheap....This is what I found:

Only $5!!!

On Friday evening the transformation began ( I was attending a Hollow Eve Party) .... Eyeshadow..check!  Eyeliner...check!  Eyelashes...check!  Red Lipstick...check! and done!

Pre-Party! (at home photoshoot...trying not to look too goofy and more sweet than tranny)

At Party!

So who was I???

Dolly Parton!!!!

I had so much fun!  Cheers to another fun Halloween!  I had so much fun that I "opted" for not going out on Saturday (actual Halloween) and instead slept 14 hrs....I think that's a record even for me!

Also...on Monday...I had to take all these to make me feel a little better...

I am not completely blaming it on the "fun" but also on the weather...I was feeling a little feverish...that's my story and I am sticking to it!

Here are some more pics taken by "Little Red Riding Hood"  AKA...Yols!
All in was a great time and the best part...I only spent $5!  (Thanks Jackie!)

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  1. Great accomplishment on keeping the expenses low! Next year you'll just have to replace the lashes! and I need to replace my hood lol