Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's the LITTLE things

Sometimes it's the little things that brighten up your day.  Sometimes it's the little thing you buy yourself that brighten up your day... as it is in my case... almost most of the time.

Over the weekend I was over at Wal-Mart (go ahead, gasp!) and saw this goblet.  It's part of their summer outdoor collection so it's plastic, but it look "real".  I brought it in to work and it makes me smile.

That's all.  Just smiling like a dork because I have a cool pen cup.

Biggest Loser: Week 8

Week 8?!  Really?  So I weight in today and what happen?  NOTHING!

I was at the same exact weight as last week.  At first I said, yes!!! and saw it as an accomplishment!  I didn't gain any weight yuppy!  BUT really Eva?  That's an accomplishment?  NO!  I must get on it.  There is only two weeks left and I have to bring it on!  How?  I don't know.  I also don't feel very ambitious.

Maybe because I just had 2 chicken tacos which have put me in a food coma.  I will think about it and try to pump myself up.  I really wish I had a more positive attitude and was ready to kick this challenge in the butt... we will see.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 7

So I have good news and I have bad news... which ones do you want first?

The good?  Ok.  My team was in first place for week 6.  Yey!  This is our first time.

Ready for the bad?  I gained 0.60 lbs.  Yikes!  Well, not really yikes, because to be honest I didn't work out from Thursday to Sunday.  Yes, after I lost two pounds I relaxed.  Oops!  Time to step back in it!

I was going to weigh in later to see if that 0.60 weight gain had dissapeared, but I decided to stick to my words of weight is only a number and accept the 0.60.  A half pound is not going to put me down!

So far, 4 out of 5 teammates gained weight and I don't know about the 5th one.  Yes!  Misery loves company:)

Lesson Learned:  Just because you did well last week does not mean you can "relax".  Yes, I did relax because last week went well, so I did earn that half pound.  Now time to look forward and work it!

In other happy thoughts: I did do two good things last week.  I filed my taxes.  Yesss! Should be getting a return which will go to my hair zapping (aka laser hair removal)!  The other good thing is that I finally washed my couch slip covers.  My white couch is actually white again!  Aww love it!  I will have to post a studio tour soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Goal 2: Get New Glasses

The prescription in my current glasses does not feel right anymore so I have been wearing my contacts.  It's nice, but it gets bothersome, specially during the long hours of close week.

I have decided to change up my eyeglasses style since my current frames are looking a little worn.  I have decided to go with these Ray Ban frames.  They are small enough for my face, but long enough to be chic!

Now I just have to decide on one more thing...color?  I would usually go for black because I wear so much black, but the brown matches my hair nicely so I don't know.  I think the brown looks a little more stylish. 

Everyone I have asked has said the black, but I think I like the brown.  The guys said brown looked a little granny.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

What do you think?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 6

Today started as a good day, but for some reason I feel down now.  I lost -1.8 lbs this week.  I was very happy because again I was scared I had not done that well, but I am glad it was a good week.

Lesson Learned: At first I thought my "lesson learned" was going to be to stay "Eva" through out this process.  What I mean by that, is that I don't want to give up things that make me... such as enchiladas.  Who would I be if I didn't eat enchiladas on a special ocassion?  Not me.  On Sunday I went to Maya Del Sol restaurant to celebrate Fabian's mom's birthday.  I kept on struggling with what I was going to order.  Part of me wanted to "be good" and order the salmon and the other part was "screaming" for the mole rojo chicken enchiladas with the chihuahua cheese.  I decided on the enchiladas and I do not regret it one bit!  They were delicious!  I was still afraid that they were going to hurt my weigh in today, but I worked out on Monday and had healthy meals.  So ONE of the lessons I learned was that it's ok to celebrate special occasions and allow yourself an indulgence... as long as it's not everyday!

Lesson Learned TWO: Now on to the other lesson learned...or actually the one I am trying to learn.  After dinner I told Fabian, "You didn't tell me I looked pretty."  He said, "Oh sorry, yes you look gorgeous!"  Then I asked him, "Why do I always have to remind you that I look pretty?"  His answer? 

"Because I don't want you to be full of yourself."

WHAT?!  Well, if you can't rely on your boyfriend for a self-esteem boost...who can you count on?  That's right, no one but yourself!  I can't wait for him or for anyone else to validate me.  I have to realize that I am enough, that I am pretty/gorgeous/smart...everything!  I am everything I was meant to be.  I am.

Now... "knowing" that, tell me why I started to get sad about my weight loss?  I have lost a little over 8lbs now and that is great!  What is not so great is that I have about 20 more pounds to go.  That is overwhelming!  Ahh!!!  I have to keep reminding myself of all the things that have changed ever since I started caring for myself and that it's not only about losing the weight, it's about enjoying life and making the best of my time here, with my family, with my friends, with my coworkers and with my love.

It's hard to take yourself out from a hole which you have dug up.  I realized, that no one else can get me out... specially if I don't stop digging.  So here is me halting the digging.  I already gave myself a pep talk, yes out loud because my ears need those words.  So this entry is attempt number two, because my eyes need to read these words.

I am enough.  I am of value.  I am everything I need to be.  I am.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goal 4: Laser Hair Removal

Goal number 4 for 2011 is to finally get laser hair removal.  I have been waxing for a couple years now and it's not only expensive, but also painful.  I stopped shaving because it was causing my skin to itch... a lot.  My skin was too dry which would cause the itchiness which then would leave me scars... because I have no self control and I can't stop scratching.

Well, I finally went to my first treatment on Thursday Feb 24th.  It all happened so fast.  The Saturday before I woke up and decided to call "the spa"... they said, they had an opening that day in a few hours so I took it!  I had been growing my hair because I thought they needed to see it, but it turns out they don't!  So I was a hairy monster for nothing!

My appointment was scheduled and I was given the isntruction to shave before coming in :)  On Thursday I went in 30 mins before my appointment.  I was given a dress bathrobe and numbing cream to apply to the areas.  I applied it to my arms, underarms and full legs.  After 20 mins I was taken to "the room" where the procedure was going to be done. 

I laid down on a "rotating doctor's bed", given some goggles and she went to town zapping away my hair!  The procedure feels like a rubber band hitting you.  It's really not bad at all.  The only part that hurt a little more were the forearms.  What was weird was that it smelled like burnt hair, specially for the underarms.  The room was equipped with a fan machine to help with the smell, but since the underarms are so close to your nose, you can really smell it.

The whole procedure took less than an hour.  There is no recovery time.  Right after my appointment I went to Lockdown Burgers to celebrate Fabian's compadre's b-day!  The next day there was a bit of redness, but not bad at all!

Here are is the site to the place I went and the pricing.  I have my next visit scheduled for the beginning of April.  The nurse thinks I will need about 4 sessions.  It's gonna be pricey, but worth it!

If you have any questions, ask away!  If you are interested, let me know because they have a referral program!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 5

I have been sick with a cold for about a week now.  It was a light cold last week so I kept working out and going about my business.  I even came in early on Monday to work out.  After last week's little set back I was ready to bring it on!

Except the cold really hit me on Monday!  I couldn't breathe, my nose was too stuffy, I was sneezing, coughing and basically dieying!

I took a half day on Tuesday and a full day off on Wednesday.  I finally felt better on Thursday and came in.  It was time for the weigh in (since I missed Wednesday).  I was scared.  I didn't work out hard, I ate too much and I was ready for the consequences... Well, guess what?!  I lost ONE pound!  How does this happen?  I don't know.  I even had pizza yesterday (because I thought all effort had been lost). 

I thought, maybe it's the pound of muscle that I gained last week, but who cares?!  I am taking my pound and running with it!

Lesson Learned:  Sometimes, when your body is sick, it needs a break!  I should have taken a break when my body had the light cold... but I didn't.  I kept working out and going on with business as usual until I couldn't anymore.  Sometimes you just need a break.  I can't wait until I am back 100% to really bring it on!

Biggest Loser: Week 4

[Week 4, 03.02.2011]
The number is +0.80.  Yes, I worked out.  I was very good. SO WHAT HAPPEN?!

According to the trainer, I gained muscle.  Which I will believe, because I did work out!  I promise I did!  I even came in on Monday morning again to work out!  She said, that people always gain weight around week 4 because we are finally starting to gain some muscle.

I am so glad that last week's learning was that weight is just a number... what a way of testing me.

Lesson Learned: Weight is really just a number.  Even though I "gained" weight I still feel well.  My clothes fit better, so yes weight is just a number.

A side story: After I weight in and the trainer told me I was up 0.80 she also said, "Take a deep breath, it's going to be ok."  Like she expected me to break out in tears or something.  She said that the previous person had also gained weight and that she was practically in tears, because she had worked out so hard.  That put things into perspective and made me realize  I need to chill.  I couldn't let this week take a toll on me.  So I accept that 0.80 of muscle gain and move on!

Biggest Loser: Week 3

[Week 3, 02.23.2011]

The number is -1.6.  I was very happy with this number.  Hearing that made want to give it my all.  So that week I worked out super hard.  I was in the gym 3 days doing eliptical and classes.  I was a bit obsessive.  It was also the first week I worked out before work!  Now, THAT I thought would never happen.  Me giving up sleep for the gym...never.  Until now.  I am a new person...LOL. 

I also worked out over the weekend!  Wow.  I know, I was shocked too!

No need to be sad... only you see that number.

Lesson Learned: Weight is just a number.  That's is an on going lesson.  One of my teammates does not look like she needs to lose weight, but she claims she gained 20 lbs from college.  She wanted to lose 20 lbs, but for the first 3 weeks she lost 1 lb.  I told her to realize how hard it was going to be for her to lose weight because she didn't have that much fat to begin with... unlike other people.  That instead of focusing on the number of lbs, to focus on the way she felt and her attitude.  No one but you sees that number on the scale, but what people do see is whether you have a smile on, whether you are happy or stressed.  So we decided, that how we felt was more important than what numbers we pulled in... because the other girls were not doing so well.  Some gained weight after Valentine's day so the team pressure was off!

I also noticed a difference in me.  I am way happier and also a lot less stressed.  I am able to talk to certain people (at work) with out wanting to punch them in the face!  Yey me!

2011 Goals

Hi y'all!  I am a little late on posting these goals.  Let me tell you why...

First, I didn't write them down until February... I wanted to marinate in them and make sure they were true to me.

Second, I lost them.  Yep, after taking a month to write them down... I lost them!  I thought there were in my personal computer and considered them lost for a week when I didn't find them... but luckily they were in my work computer.

Now that my goals have been found... here they are!

1. Join Biggest Loser at work….

                a.To finally start working out

                b. Lose fear of the gym

2. Get new glasses

3. Grow hair out

4. Get Laser Hair removal

5. Get physical exams/dentist

6. Read 3 Books

7. Continue to keep in contact w/friends

8. Call Dad regularly

9. Send out Christmas cards

10. Visit one US state

11. Go to a country concert/bar

12. Get a new job

13. Get new apt, one bedroom maybe?

14. Take excel classes (online and classroom)

Yes, here they are.  In no particular order.  Nothing out of this world, but my goals none the less.
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