Friday, November 20, 2009

Love is...Dinner with Friends!

A great Thursday evening started with a ride into downtown to Matteo and Giulia's highrise condo.

S. Michigan Ave.

Dinner began with pasta carbonara...

(loved the bacon!)
Ok, naive me thought this was THE meal...but NO.
Dinner continued with salad...

...with oil & vinegar dressing...

and pork meat.., I think it was pork meat...anyways it was delicious!

AND the softest, fluffiest best chocolate cake ever!!!

Oh.My.Godddd.  Everything was DE-LI-CIOUS!

BUT the best part of the night was sharing with one another.  This dinner was a sort of a good bye dinner for a friend leaving to New York in less than a month.  I am sorry to see him go, but are very excited for him and wish him the best of luck.
This was my first time sharing dinner with this group of friends and I can't wait for the next time.  I felt so comfortable to be myself.  Giulia is such a great host.  She is so charming and funny.  Her goofyness made everyone comfortable.  She kept on feeding us and feeding us and making us laugh!  Oh yea, I almost forgot to mention that their condo had the BEST view of the lake!  Funny how the material things, like the view, took a back burner to everything else.  That's how I know, the best part of the night was what was going on inside the condo, not it's location!

This just reminded me the Allstate "lessons"'s not about how big the tv is but about who is around the tv...something like that. is having dinner with friends!


  1. Yes, indeed it is. A wonderful time! Eva...then maybe we could come over to your place for dinner, even if we have to sit on your bed to eat?! No more excuses! lol

  2. that cake looks yummy :) i recommend you make a post called love is chocolate.