Friday, November 27, 2009

Love is... Dance.

Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Da Gracias, Give Thanks!

Hope you are having a pretty blessed day. 

Today I am learning how to make pumpkin pie :)  If all goes well... you might see a posting about it.  Might.

I will be spending Friday with my mom and will be moving on Saturday!

In the mean time enjoy these hilarious videos.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

West Elm Again!

West Elm got me again!

Check out this dining room!

Ok, let me try this again!
Last time I did my version of a West Elm dinning room...let's just say it was not to the T so here I go again.  Also, last time I used Picasa and that took forever.  I really need to learn how to use it...but not today.
So here I go.

Using my old dining table, not coat of paint needed $0
West Elm $499

These AWESOME chairs from Target at 2 for $55 [insert loud Yes!!!]
West Elm $198

AND another Ikea bookcase, but in white for $69.
West Elm $399

Hanging Lamp from Ikea $39
West Elm $99

West Elm Total $1,195
Eva's Version $163
Wooo hooo!!!!  I did well.  How do you like it? 
Oh I really want those chairs!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On to prettier things...

In an effort to pick myself up after Oprah's BIG announcement last Friday...I decided to think ahead.  Four days ahead to be exact.  So that means four days to move day

Check out this wonderful inspiration picture:

How Glorious!  Love the blue with the oak wood and the pillows!  Ohhh how I love this picture!!!

So much that I have been thinking of using it as inspiration for my new place.  The problem is that not long ago I got new green bedding, which then of course I had to get throw pillows for the bed, the couch, and seating cushions for the kitchen chairs!!!  You have to remember that I do live in a studio so everyhing has to co-exist - so everything is green!
But let's dream for a minute...if I was to forget about the guilt of indulgence...what would I get?

Ok, I can't get over all of my guilt so let's just skip the fancy stores and go straight to the best and the favorite.. Target!

I love the design on this tray.  The blue is also perfect.

And how about this pillow!!!  It matches my brown couch!  I like the swirls, makes it girly!

What about the lovebirds?  Awww.

AND this bow?!  Glamour!

 I like this bookcase from Ikea, but how about flipping it sideways and addind books, magazines, and pictures!  Lovely!

I am a girly pink girl, but I think I could live here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Nooooooo!!!!!!! 2012!

Now I understand the Mayans....Now I see what 2012 is about....Noooooo!

The END is near....Oprah will go off air in 2012!  Yes, you read correctly...2011 will be her last season!!!!!

How will I ever go on?!  How will I know what to read, what to like, how to live the best life???  Oh the questions...the agony.  I feel lost. 

I need my Oprah Kool Aid.

Obama do something!!!!!! 

As if this wasn't enough I am 100% sure this "lady" will resurface in 2012!

Tragame tierra. {Earth eat me.}
{which probably will happen}

Friday, November 20, 2009

Love is...Dinner with Friends!

A great Thursday evening started with a ride into downtown to Matteo and Giulia's highrise condo.

S. Michigan Ave.

Dinner began with pasta carbonara...

(loved the bacon!)
Ok, naive me thought this was THE meal...but NO.
Dinner continued with salad...

...with oil & vinegar dressing...

and pork meat.., I think it was pork meat...anyways it was delicious!

AND the softest, fluffiest best chocolate cake ever!!!

Oh.My.Godddd.  Everything was DE-LI-CIOUS!

BUT the best part of the night was sharing with one another.  This dinner was a sort of a good bye dinner for a friend leaving to New York in less than a month.  I am sorry to see him go, but are very excited for him and wish him the best of luck.
This was my first time sharing dinner with this group of friends and I can't wait for the next time.  I felt so comfortable to be myself.  Giulia is such a great host.  She is so charming and funny.  Her goofyness made everyone comfortable.  She kept on feeding us and feeding us and making us laugh!  Oh yea, I almost forgot to mention that their condo had the BEST view of the lake!  Funny how the material things, like the view, took a back burner to everything else.  That's how I know, the best part of the night was what was going on inside the condo, not it's location!

This just reminded me the Allstate "lessons"'s not about how big the tv is but about who is around the tv...something like that. is having dinner with friends!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Like "Dear Friend, ..."

I have to admit that blogging is not as easy as I would have thought, specially blogging with your own voice.  It is taking me some time to feel completely comfortable with you Blogger...even though not many people are looking your way.

Just like writing ... "Dear Friend"

So I thought that maybe if I blogged as if I was writing to a friend that maybe my true voice would come through on the blog.  A while back, before my 9 to 5 happened I use to send friends daily e-mails with fun facts, news, jokes, etc, so if I can reflect that in this blog I will be happy.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Be Yourself and Blog Yourself

Hello Everyone!  I took a little break to be a friend, a girlfriend, and to be myself.  So what does this mean?  I spent sometime with my favorite ladies, my boyfriend and myself!

Being a Friend: On Saturday I joined my girlfriends for the play Lunatic(a)s!  It was a great time!  Thanks to Idalia for bringing us all together and feeding us!  She really outdid herself with all the yummy food.  Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Being a Girlfriend:  My lovely BF started a new gig at Betty's Blue Star Lounge this weekend and while I usually don't like to go out clubbing much I couldn't not go.  I am so glad I went because it was again a great time with my friends and his family (brothers).

Being Myself:  I took some time to think about where I want this blog to go.  At first, it was hard to even get started.  I kept on thinking, "who wants to read my babbling?"  I fell in love with blogs earlier this year.  My first encounter with a blog was Make Under My Life.  Jess, the writer, has a purpose and therefore her posts have a purpose...but me...I don't even know what I want to do tomorrow.  Also, all the blogs I ran accross were smart or witty or creative OR all three!  So how can my random thoughts be ok to put out there?  The I found My Favorite and My Best!  This blog was completely different.  Take a look, please take a look.  She is honest, she is funny, and more importantly she is herself.  I was thrilled!  She made this blog herself...she writes about decor, about her family, about twilight!  She is funny, she is raw, she is honest and I am in love!  Why?  Because she made it ok for me to be myself.  While her blog might not be for everyone (which is ok) it certantly is for me.

So I started blogging...and then this happen.  Here I am thinking that I am not "worthy" of internet space and Jess is asking Actually, who are you not to be?  Wow.

And then My Favorite and My Best posted this.  She got a blogging gig!  Can you imagine being you and then someone likes you enough to pay you to be yourself?!!!  Awesome.

My fave from My Favorite and My Best:
"So from my perspective as long as you write it all from your heart and use your voice and not a voice you think people want to hear and try not to bore the piss out of people you will get a job with a hot gay dude!"

Funny how when you allow start seeing more signs and things start falling into place. After this blogging epiphany... Jessica Claire posted this...also about being her true self on her blog!

Fave from Jessica Claire on being honest and on the critique/comments that this might bring:
I have the power to delete you at my will and I will exercise that right to the fullest extent possible. It is the only exercise I might do that day, so I appreciate it . :)

So here I go.  Pretty Blessed - Honest Thoughts and Wild Dreams

P.S. Oh yea!  And cheers to daily randomness!

Beauty on the Fire

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinning Room: Work with what u have...

I fell in love with this dining room space from West Elm. The only problem...the West Elm price tag.
So here is my version.

Let's not go in order:

  1. Table:  I have a table similar to this one, but in maple (Good ol' Craigslist $30).  How about a sanding and a coat of espresso brown?

  2. White Chairs: I have these chairs in green (Again Good ol'Craigslist $15 for 2).  How about white spray paint?

  3. The chandelier:  I actually found the West Elm chandelier on Craigslist for $65...except I got no response from the seller!  Grr, I hate it when that happens!  So here is this one from Ikea for $30.  Again, I found this one on craigslist for $10 and AGAIN, seller didn't respond!

  4. Maple Foldable Chairs: All together...Good ol' Craigslist $20 for 2.  I don't think I need 4 chairs for my size table, so I might just leave these as is and put them away in the closet.

  5. Plant: Ikea has great plants starting at $0.99,  My only problem is keeping them alive!  No green thumb here!

  6. Plates:  Got plates at Dollar Store!  Awesome!

  7. Silverware: From Target at $12.99.  I have the white set.

Still Need: Rug, Wall Decor.

Ok, ok, since I know my bf is very likely going to read this....No, I am not crazy.  I am not buying anything ... yet.  If you notice, I already have most of this stuff so relax (for now).

I just previewed this...and "my version" is really nothing like the West Elm picture... oh well.  I still like it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Discovered Polyvore! Strawberry Ice Cream Bedroom!

I have discovered Polyvore! It was like having an AMEX blackcard...except I was cramped up in my studio apartment, sitting on my bed and hunched over my hot lap top... but it felt great to pick and choose whatever my little heart desired!
My favorite from this room is the stripped throw pillow! Love the color combo! I originally had a different color scheme, but once I found this pillow I just had to change it all! Love it!!!

Enjoy my little dream room! If you want to try polyvore make sure you are sitting comfortably... bc it will absorb you for a while. My back hurts.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Idea: Bar Cart/Table

Looking through the pages of the new online design magazine Lonny I got the idea that I need a Bar Cart in my next place. 

I have been looking through craigslist, but have been unsuccessful... so here is the next best thing.  Tell me what you think?

Already own this table, but no longer need it since I got the lovely darling new nightstand.

Silver Tray from Ikea

For Ice?

Some wine and probably some vodka.
So what do you think?  Will it work?

One last link.  This was on the home page of Apartment Therapy yesterday!  It's meant to be!  Actually check out the prices...and on second's not meant to be.

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Bedroom!!!

I really need your help!  I need help deciding on the decor for the new please leave a comment with your opinion...

So after seeing Fixing It Fancy's guest posting on Brooklyn Limestone I fell in love with my black iron bed all over again!

So, so far this is what I have (or what I have found):

- Will be moving in to a place with a place with a similar nook for the bed

My plan is to paint it the same color to get that contrast with the black iron.

This is the bed I have:

I need help deciding on a white duvet.  I would like a white duvet with white flowers.  Here are my choices:

1) Duvet on Smart Bargains

I also just got this lovely darling nightstand

(I might paint it...but I don't know what color ... or how and I definitely don't want to ruin it!)

What I need:
Faux Fur Rug
Chadelier or Faux Chandelier

If you find something please send me a link... I love me some links!

One last thing... check out this buffet!

Wouldn't this make an awesome dresser!!!  Again from Fixing it Fancy, check out the post!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Love is... My Boyfriend.

I don't want to be cheesy ...but I can't help it!
Yes, love is my BF.


Because he gives me stress relief candles...

(Which I love to put on on my hands and wave around frantically...hey that's my stress reliever!)
I also love the bottle!

BC he paid enough attention to know that I would love a horseshoe necklace...

And then went out and got me my own...and it was Tiffany's!

Helped me find my computer to begin my blog...

Plans great vacations (all by himself)


Cruise to Cozumel

He votes (which means he is a US citizen, always a good thing)


DJ FrenzeE

Plays along when I am goofy or for Halloween

Mexihick and Dolly Parton

BUT he is love because

He gives the best hugs.

More pics...

Enough with all this cheese!