Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moving on Up!

So my apt lease is up at the end of Nov.  Only 4 weeks away.  When I first moved into my studio I only signed a 6 month lease.  The reason I did this was because I was thinking of possibly buying my own place.  With the government's first time buyer's incentives it seemed like the right time to buy.

I have really thought about this ...and after much deliveration I decided that right now is NOT the right time for ME to buy a place.  I thought of how much my life would change...on a day to day basis ...for example all the little pleasures I would have to give up.  Among those little pleasures is the security of being able to afford my rent!

Anyways..I didn't want to stay in the same studio I am at now because it's in the first floor next to the building's parking I get freaked out that someone is going to come in through a window...that spmeone is peeking in...I can't even open my that means NO SUNSHINE (ugh this is a BIG no no for me!)!

My move up!  Two floors up!  I absolutely love Evanston!  I like that it's close to work, that it's next to the lake, that it's quiet, that starbucks is in the next I need to stay here!

I was lucky enough to find another studio in this building but in the 3rd floor!  Hello SUNSHINE!  The studio will be a little more $, but it was just refurnished (new appliances, new carpet, new flooring, new fixtures, and two walk in closets!).

Here are some pics I quickly snapped when I went to check it out!  (I can't wait to move [inser squeal here!] )

What?!  A Kitchen!? This is huge...compared to what I have now!

Bedroom :)

Now for the FUN part....the DECOR!  (coming soon!)


  1. How exciting! This is definitely moving you on up sista! Now we can really have a sleepover with our chones on! lol

  2. I agree with Yolis ... we can have pillow fights too. But seriously, I am glad that you have your new apt because being able to see outside and having sunlight is necessary for your spirit.