Monday, July 18, 2011

Country Mondays: I Love You This Big

I know not a lot of you listen to country... ok, that's an understatement.  More like, none of you listen to country.

So my goal will be to post a country song every Monday for your listening pleasure. 

First up is this song by Scotty McCreery.  He is the America Idol winner this year.  I am neither a fan of American Idol nor of his name.  I simply heard his first single on the radio and loved it!

Then I youtubed it and found out who he and that he looked nothing like how I imagined him.  I thought of him more like a Josh Turner (more of him in the coming weeks).

So without further delay, here is Scotty McCreeryyyyyy!

(Close your eyes when you hear this song... it will transport you!)