Saturday, September 11, 2010

Studio Living Room

Studio Living Room
Studio Living Room by prettyblessed on
White, Gray, Turquoise, Yellow and Green!

I've been meaning to change my decor bc I grow bored I am anxious to get stuff!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My birthday was so great. I was completely surprised and caught off guard because I was expecting to go see a movie and have dinner with Diana and Liz. When we arrived to AMC by Navy Pier I was thinking we were going to eat at the sushi place right next door: But we walked right past it and no one said anything. I ant going to lie, I was hungry so on our way up the escalators, I finally said, “where are we going?” Diana responded, we are going to go see a movie and eat popcorn! Yums, you had me at popcorn. But then we go to Lucky Strike, what?! So we are going to get a drink beforehand. Okay, but then we walk in to the lounge area and there is everyone…Eva, Yolanda and then I saw my sisters and was sooooo touched that they would include them. I love my sisters so much that it was nice to share this experience with them. Who attended: Eva, Fabian, Yolanda, Diana, Liz, Yesenia, Nancy, Laura A., Ramon (L.A. boyfriend), Laura Gomez, Jose (L.G. boyfriend), Hugo and his lady friend aka secret weapon. It was all so nice. The food was delicious. So after dinner we had some tasty cupcakes and you would think that would be the end of it but NO!
 We were going bowling, woohoo!!! I was so excited, I'm not a huge bowler but I was so appreciative that the party was going to keep on going. The first game was a bit competitive but tons of fun. I think next time I am going to ask if they have kiddie bowl, you know? The one where they cover the gutters. We all could have benefited from gutter guards. Well, everyone except maybe Fabian! Here are a few pics of that night:

Fabian just grinning about how bad bowlers Eva's friend are
Molly's cupcakes-yums!

Yolanda showing my sister and Diana a bowling move!
Jose, Laura, liz and Yolanda
 Thank you to all that may that night such a treat!  Sorry for my delay in getting this post up but honestly August has been a whirlwind. To find out more please check out my blog:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Sprinkle of Growth...

The chosen title to my birthday celebration is a perfect way to describe the past year. How the title came about? Growth because I was thinking about it on Friday while I was working on the evite, Sprinkle because the day before I had gone to this cupcake place named Sprinkles. I have a feeling, I have plenty of more growing up this coming year! I really would like to share my growth and general happenings with you all. I find it easier to bring up my feelings and thoughts through writing. I also think blogging is a great way to share and catch up :) That's why I decided to create a blog named..............if you guessed A Sprinkle of Growth, you are correct!!!

Please feel free to follow my growth @

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

I Do!

Hey Jackie!

Yesterday I attended a friend's wedding. Before I went to the mass I had to go to Dominick's to pick up a wedding card. When I got there I headed to the flower and plant section, not because I was in need of buying something but just wanted to look around. After looking around this bouquet caught my eye but decided to go get what I needed then come back. Well, I ended up coming back and buying myself the bouquet!!!

Windy City Bouquet

After finally getting ready, I headed out to mass when I was suppose to be there. I've been running on Latina Time but that's another story. I was happy to know when I arrived the bride was still outside the church so I didn't miss a thing. The whole wedding was pretty much Latino Time.

Jasmin & Ray

Flower Center Piece I got to bring home

Yey, I have two flower arrangements at my place!

I enjoyed attending the wedding. Glad I got to hang out with Nina, Francis, & Jasmin. This morning, I've been reflecting on a few of the weddings I've attended. It reminds me of the faith and hope I have to one day be lucky to say I do to that special man but it also reminds me that I don't want a big wedding. If that day comes, I don't want to have to worry about the things that are going right or wrong. I know, I will still have some worries (such as the groom showing up) but having a small wedding will make it more special and intimate. I'm thinking the way to make this happen is a destination wedding :)