Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinning Room: Work with what u have...

I fell in love with this dining room space from West Elm. The only problem...the West Elm price tag.
So here is my version.

Let's not go in order:

  1. Table:  I have a table similar to this one, but in maple (Good ol' Craigslist $30).  How about a sanding and a coat of espresso brown?

  2. White Chairs: I have these chairs in green (Again Good ol'Craigslist $15 for 2).  How about white spray paint?

  3. The chandelier:  I actually found the West Elm chandelier on Craigslist for $65...except I got no response from the seller!  Grr, I hate it when that happens!  So here is this one from Ikea for $30.  Again, I found this one on craigslist for $10 and AGAIN, seller didn't respond!

  4. Maple Foldable Chairs: All together...Good ol' Craigslist $20 for 2.  I don't think I need 4 chairs for my size table, so I might just leave these as is and put them away in the closet.

  5. Plant: Ikea has great plants starting at $0.99,  My only problem is keeping them alive!  No green thumb here!

  6. Plates:  Got plates at Dollar Store!  Awesome!

  7. Silverware: From Target at $12.99.  I have the white set.

Still Need: Rug, Wall Decor.

Ok, ok, since I know my bf is very likely going to read this....No, I am not crazy.  I am not buying anything ... yet.  If you notice, I already have most of this stuff so relax (for now).

I just previewed this...and "my version" is really nothing like the West Elm picture... oh well.  I still like it.

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