Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 2 of Wings

Yesterday was day one of winged eyes... My right eye was easy but my left eye was hard!  I had to re-do it twice.  I also think it was a little exagerated, which was fine because it was the weekend.  Today, however was kind of a failure.  My pencil ran out so I could only do a very short wing.  When I looked online they recommend a liquid eyeliner... maybe I will try that.

A note on my hair: It feels like it was literally chopped.  It's straight, no real layers.  Let this be a lesson to acting on impulse... mmm... let's see if I learn my lesson in a few months once it grows out a little.

Also, in an effort to not comform to the blandness of corporate I have updated my notebooks with a little label.  It's not much but at least it adds some color.  I hope it also helps me to be organized.  I hope to have one notebook per project as opposed to one for everything.  Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eye Wings

Today I chopped my hair.  One of my 2011 goals was to let my hair grow... well mission was accomplished.  I lived with long hair throughout the summer and for part of the fall.

BUT lately I renewed my subscription to the pony tail club and that did not make me feel good.  I thought, well what's the point of the long hair if its always in a ponytail!?  So today I couldn't wait any longer.  At 7 o'clock I went to the only salon I found open and had my hair cut to chin length by a 16 year old. 

I am still afraid I made a mistake, mostly because I didn't really trust the hair dresser... but I was too much of a whimp to stop her once she told me she was a senior in HIGH SCHOOL!  Over all I think I am just being dramatic and it's ok.  I am sure I've had worst!

Anyways, this post is not about my hair but about another beauty topic... winged/cat eye eye liner!

I will do this eyeliner for the next week and report back on whether it made me feel better.  I do believe that how you look or better said, the effort you put into how you look directly correlates to how feel.  So here is to feeling sexier!

P.S. I might do a more humble eyeliner for work.  Humble = Shorter Eye Wings :)


Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  May you find a way to inject some fun into your day!

Do you remember being a kid and looking forward to getting up just to put on your costume?!  That's how I felt about these tights.  No one in my department dressed up, but I refused to let go of every bit of joy just because I am caged in a boring beige cube.  May your inner child never be quieted by your grown up profession!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Country Mondays: I Love You This Big

I know not a lot of you listen to country... ok, that's an understatement.  More like, none of you listen to country.

So my goal will be to post a country song every Monday for your listening pleasure. 

First up is this song by Scotty McCreery.  He is the America Idol winner this year.  I am neither a fan of American Idol nor of his name.  I simply heard his first single on the radio and loved it!

Then I youtubed it and found out who he and that he looked nothing like how I imagined him.  I thought of him more like a Josh Turner (more of him in the coming weeks).

So without further delay, here is Scotty McCreeryyyyyy!

(Close your eyes when you hear this song... it will transport you!)