Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Nooooooo!!!!!!! 2012!

Now I understand the Mayans....Now I see what 2012 is about....Noooooo!

The END is near....Oprah will go off air in 2012!  Yes, you read correctly...2011 will be her last season!!!!!

How will I ever go on?!  How will I know what to read, what to like, how to live the best life???  Oh the questions...the agony.  I feel lost. 

I need my Oprah Kool Aid.

Obama do something!!!!!! 

As if this wasn't enough I am 100% sure this "lady" will resurface in 2012!

Tragame tierra. {Earth eat me.}
{which probably will happen}


  1. lmao about the 2012 connection w/ oprah. maybe you can be the next oprah---latina style :)

  2. I knew you were going to write about the end of the Oprah show but I like how you tied it in with the end of the world.