Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Scarf!

Check out this scarf from The Limited (the limited is not a sponsor...I don't have any sponsors....but if you would like to drop me a five...please do!). 

It's like a big knitted bracelet for your neck!  Have you ever had it happen that you think you wrapped your scarf all the way around only to find out that part of it is dragging behind you....maybe I am just dumb...but yea that's happen to me...well this would keep me from being dumb like that.  It's $39.50...too much for me...but I am sure a knock off will come out soon enough (told u, the limited was not a sponsor!) and I will be right there with my $10 in hand ready to purchase it!

By the way, I saw this on Oprah on Monday (like I said...I love me some Oprah!).