Friday, June 10, 2011

You mean you are not completely miserable at work?

The title is what kept going through my head while working at Montreal.  The people at the office were just so different from the people back home.  Maybe it seemed that way because I only spent three days there, but they were friendly and during lunch they talked about other things other than complain about work!

I met one lady who had been with the company for 37 years!  She is retiring in August.  This was her only job ... ever!  Crazy!  I am not sure if she held the same position, but I don't think so.  I really wanted to ask her what they used before computers...but I felt that was very disrectpectful so I shut my trap!

Office Observations:
  • People are more laid back.  They have breakfast together from 9:30-10 am EVERYDAY.  They actually sit in the cafeteria for 30 minutes and eat their cereal/yogurt!  I really really liked that.
  • They dress more stylish.  There is one analyst who looked looked like Blake Lively and she wore very cute clothes.  She was probably the only analyst in my age group, but everyone else was also had style.

    Blake Lively
    Financial Analyst
  • Since the office is in an actual plant they get to interact with the plant hourly employees.  I found it nice that they all say hi to each other at lunch.  I find that the people from corporate lose touch with reality and don't realize that the decisions made at the corporate office actually affect real people at the plants.
  • People are nice!  So all the cafeteria employees spoke French at first, then I would say "Sorry, I don't speak French, can I have a ham and cheese sandwich?"  Yes, that's what I ate because I didn't know how to order anything else!  They were patient with me as I pointed to what I wanted on the sandwich.  Over at corporate you need to have your order ready and yell it out as soon as it is your turn or else you get yelled at... yes, lunch is stressful like that!  Also, today I asked the guy at the register for a straw, but he didn't know what I meant, so I signaled my juice and I think he understood and pointed me to somewhere.  I said thank you, but decided to just drink straight from the bottle, well once I was sitting he came by my table and handed me a straw!  That surprised me!

I really hope that the "nice" rubbed off on me.  I want to go back to work with a better attitude y "con ganas de trabajar"! 

Oh!  I should mention that the reason I traveled for work was because their responsibilities are being sent to corporate and therefore they are losing their jobs, yes and they were still nice to me/us.  I felt like this girl from "Up in the Air", even though I was not the one who broke the news to them I still felt bad.  I really wish them good luck because they are a good group of people.

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