Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1: New Job and in Montreal

It does feel like a new day!  Ever since I got the new position... I had not felt excited about it...but today is my first day w/out my old job responsibilities and I do feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

I am so excited, but I do not want to jinx myself.  I am always afraid of marinating in the excitement/happiness of something new for fear of it dissapearing and being heartbroken.  BUT here I am sitting in Montreal full of excitement and hope for a better work life.  I am anxious to leave my old role.  I learned so much and it was painful.  We (me and other analysts) call it boot camp or plain old jail... and today I feel free.  Yes, I will probably still have to answer a few questions and I do have one more reconciliation to complete...but I feel free.

Thank you God for helping me through that role... he knows there were many days/nights when I left the office feeling defeated, but had to go home and wash it all away only to go back for more.  Now I ask... please take it easy on me with this new role!  I need a break!  I promise to do my best... but please have them be kind.... even if they don't rewind... LOL.  Had to throw that in there. 

Downtown Montreal From My Hotel Window

Well it's beautiful out.  The corporate card wants to pay for my lunch... so I will let it.  My mind says it's a work trip...but my body thinks it's a vacation... hopefully they will compromise and find a happy medium.


  1. Let the corporate card buy some extra maple cookies to bring home as well! Have fun! and congrats on the new job!

  2. Eva, I am so glad to hear you have a new position!!! what is it? are you still working with the same group? same building? Can't wait to hear it over lunch/dinner