Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goals: Get A New Apartment

I decided I was ready to upgrade to a one bedroom.  It was a hard decision because I love my place and I have spent a lot of time on it and I finally feel happy with it... so why would I want to move?  Well, I would really love to have people over and you can't really have a get together in a studio... well not comfortably anyways.

I also love interior design so I would love to design my own little apartment.  I am very excited about finding a place and therefore "this journey" has been really dissapointing.  I found a nice affordable one bedroom, but the problem is that it's ready to have someone move in while my lease is not over until July 31st... bummer!  I listed my studio on craigslist as a sublease and I did get a few emails... a lot of them were weird and I didn't trust them.  I did show it to two girls, but so far nothing.  This whole situation was causing me lots of stress.

I decided to keep my eyes open for other places and this is how I found this other apartment.  I was too excited because it looked really nice and it was very affordable.  Check it out!

I wrote to them and one later got a response.  After I e-mailed them and waiting for a response to a viewing I decided to google the owner's emails since it actually looked like it belonged to a management company.  Well, surprise surprise!  I found them on the flake list!

It turns out it's a scam.  That's the same e-mail is the one I got.  So far they have "hit" Colorado, Texas and Illinois!  So just be careful when you are looking for apartments (specially on craigslist)!

As far as my aparment search goes, well I decided to stay until the contract expires and start looking at places at the end of June.  Wish me luck! 

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  1. That terrible, why do people go out of there way to scam innocent people. I hate mean people