Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding a New Job Part 1

Just wanted to share the journey of finding a new job/position.

It all started at the beginning of the year.  As soon as I decided to proactively look I set up informational meetings with a few different managers.  This informed me of the what opportunities where out there.  Not all these managers had positions open, but I met with them with hopes that something would open up and then they would think of me.  Just getting the ball rolling on "the search" made me feel that much better.

Then in March  I learned that a position I had been interested in for over a year was becoming available.  Yey me!  This position was in Chicago, so what this meant to me was that I was going to be able to move back to the city!  This position was also very interesting.  It would complement my previous work experience while allowing me to expand my cost accounting knowledge.  I was beyond ecstatic!

When I applied to interview for it I noticed that they already had a strong internal candidate for the position.  This was so heartbreaking since I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.  I decided that was not going to discourage me because I truly believed I was the best candidate.  I prepared for the interview by practicing questions and also by interviewing someone who had previously held that position.  I also had some help... there was a friend who was also interviewing for that position before me and he was kind enough to let me know what questions they asked him.  I was more than ready to rock this!

The day of the interview I arrived 45 minutes early and reviewed my answers AGAIN!  The interview was pretty intense.  It was from 10 am to 1 pm (lunch included).  I was interviewed by five people!

I left feeling pretty good becase I did my best.  I prepared, practice and showed up! 

The manager said they would be making a decision by that Friday (a couple days after the interview).  I also asked my previous manager and my current manager to call the hiring manager to recommend me.  Yes, I pulled all the strings I could.. this job was mine!

This was me!
Ready to run up the corporate ladder!

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