Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And then Kim Kardashians walks in.

Don't you hate it when you hurry home from a late Friday night at work to wash the work week off your hair... try on two different outfits.... settle on black, find some semi-comfortable heels and drive the 40 minutes to meet your boyfriend's friends for a birthday celebration... you show up, take some sangria and feel pretty good about not only finishing your week's work but also looking pretty cute....until Kim Kardashian walks in....and you sink to into your sangria.

Damn it... confidence vanishes faster than the sangria.  So what do you do?

Well I ask for more sangria and run through the list of sht I DID just get done.  Damn it!  I worked until 8 pm, went home fed and showered myself even though I was tired and only wanted to throw myself on the couch!  I tried to look cute (and was feeling cute until this bimbo walked in) and drove into Chicago dodging other city hungry suburbanites to see my boyfriend smile and party.  Yes, I am  a pretty awesome girlfriend.  I am back to feeling pretty good about myself... but what makes me feel better is that I WAS WORKING (and  being an independant self sufficient woman) while this hoe was at home making her hair perfectly straight, probably doing sit ups and adjusting her push up bra.  Yes, I am way better than her.  THEN I hear someone mention that she is a nurse.... DOUBLE DAMN IT!... she probably saved someone's life today.  I am back to my sangria.

Then I mentally btch slap myself and yell, "why must you only feel good about YOURSELF when you feel superior to someone else? STOP... you are awesome because you are awesome, not because little nurse Bethany Whispers is dumb and or lame!  Ok. let's just smile, drink your sangria and have a good time."

So I do.  We get to the club, order me a Jameson and 7 and proceed to dance like a fool and love it.  The end.

.... and little nurse Bethany Whispers?.... I don't know.  I stopped keeping track of her after the first sip of my "jimmy"...except I did see her limp out of the club...haha...those heels were killers.

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  1. You're funny! The struggle isn't it? Glad Jimmy is helping you handle it :-)