Saturday, July 31, 2010


My new obsession is Groupon!

Maybe not a full obsession, but that is only because I don't want to go broke!  I really admire the innovation behind this new business!

Here is how it works:  There is the deal of the day and u buy it, but the deal is only "on" once a set number of deals are sold.  If that set number is not sold, your credit card is not charged.  It's power in group's a groupon!

Here is this really good article on the founder.

Ok, so I finally went to cash in on my first Groupon.  I bought a Groupon for $12, but worth $25 at Las Tablas.  Since I was having a specially hard close, on Monday I decided that I was going to take Fabian to Las Tablas, hopefully having something to look forward to was going to make me feel better.  Well, as tired as I was, I kept the date and went.

I literally had to go on some tablas to enter Las Tablas!  There was construction all around the restaurant.  I used the tabla to cross and get to the door and then the door wouldn't open!  Finally I called Fabian, already inside, and asked him "How do I get inside?"  He said, "Side Door"...ooops that's where I parked.

Anyways, I had a huge steak!  It was juicy and delicious!

The steak came with potatoes, plantains, and maduros?  The empadanas (appetizer) were aight, also the chimichurri sauce wasn't all that great, but oh well it was better than what I had been eating all week! 

My other groupon is for a ride on Lake Michigan on one of those boats.  I'll let you know how that goes!

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  1. ha ha on the tablas to enter how appropriate for photo. It's not your fault you couldn't enter, they shouldn't have put the tablas as a walk way to the door and then lock it.
    I have been there before. I do like the meat.
    There are two locations. Which one did you go to?