Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th of July Weekend (3 for 4)

So a little late, but here is my run down of what went down!

Friday: Improv Fabian's B-day Party. 

He wasn't sure what he wanted to do (for like 2 weeks) and the day of decides he wants to chill and drink at his house.  I got some balloons, a cake, manteles and called it a party!  At 4:30 the cops showed up and gave him a $50 ticket for the noise...w/out warning!  I guess there is zero tolerance for noise in Cicero.  Luckily he knows someone that pardoned (sp?) his ticket :)

Saturday: George and Annette's Wedding Shower in Aurora.

These are Fabian's friends who are getting married in late August.  They had a combined shower catered by Atotonilco's taquero.  The food was soo good!  Atotonilco's is Fabian's favorite taco spot so needless to say, he was ecstatic!!!  The party was fun!  They played a few games and Fabian won the guess the beer game, wouldn't u know it!  They also played the guess ur fiance's leg!  That was so funny!  He guessed right, but she cheated! 
So at midnight, Fabian played "My Girl" and George and two friends starting singing it to Annette, when the cops showed up and it was party over...or a $250 ticket.  So we turned off the music and turned on the grill.  George is the grill master so of course he wasnt going to let us end the night on a hungry note!

Sunday: Fabian's ex-roomate was throwing a sudo-super sweet sixteen party for his 30th b-day! 

Check out the mansion he rented for the party!!  We were all very excited to party in a mansion!  He was also super secretive about it and didn't disclose the location until the day of and through text mssg.  Being the HGTV addict that I am I was specially excited to see the house, the floors, the ceilings, everything!  So the party was going on when at around midnight the owners showed up w/the cops and threw us the eff out!  Everyone grabbed their stuff and got out ASAP.  I got me a drink and jumped in Fabian's truck!  I guess the owners were not aware of the festivities and had not approved the use of the house for a party.  In all honesty, we were not harming the house, but I can understand if u do not want your 2.7M home to be the happening spot for the night.

Monday: Movie Night at the Brew-n-View!

We had had enough w/the cops and the parties!  We decided to make it a movie night at the Hollywood Blvd Theater in Woodridge.  We saw Grown Ups.  Fabian loved it...I thought it was ok.  I am glad to say we ended the weekend without any other cop apperances!

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  1. What a packed weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad Fabian decided to do something for his birthday even if it was last min. because you only turn 30 once. He was lucky he has a girlfriend like you to come to the rescue.
    -When you say Fabian's ex roommate are you referring to David? I saw the pictures of the mansion, it looks sharp. I saw the cost was $1400 per night but hey, it's his birthday.
    -about the beer guessing contest... how many beers did he have to guess?
    -What's up with these Chicago cops, handing out tickets for having a good time, they should be worried about actual crime.
    Eva I love reading the posts please continue to fill me in.