Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Ready for Abuelo

This weekend was devoted to family and to turning Hari's office into a cozy room for my grandpa.  We moved Hari's desk into the formal living room (into a corner), re-arranged some furniture and put in a twin size bed in and TA-DA!  Room is ready!

I really liked it.  It feels cozy and cool at the same time.  The walls are sandy, the furniture is dark wood, and the bed covers are beige and light blue which match the fish tank!

I only took one quick pic!

Aside from our love of interior design, we did this to make my grandpa feel comfortable.  He said he was coming over for two weeks, but we really want him to stay longer.  Aside (again!) from wanting to spend time with him...the reason we want him to stay here is because he has do I say...acting up after my grandma's passing.  To make it short...he wants to marry someone!  It doesn't seem to matter who, he just wants to marry anyone!  Sounds funny, but there was a lady half his age that was actually interested...well more interested in his money, which funny enough, he doesn't have much!

Anyways, now he is coming over to visit us and we are excited!  It's my mom's b-day on Thursday and I'm excited that my mom will get to spend it with her dad!

I hope this post makes sense, because I am hurrying up to try to catch some Zzzzz....

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  1. That room looks welcoming.I am sure he will like spending time with your mom and you. Hopefully it distracts him from the idea of getting married. If your grandpa can find someone to get married with, I have to get in the game. :)
    All kidding aside. I do find it common that Latino men tend marry someone else right away after their wife passes away. I think it's because the wife did everything for them, cook, wash, clean and cuddle. So the men are miserable and tend to find someone to fill in that gap.
    With that said your grandpa might not feel the need to get married if he has you and your mom to keep him company.:)