Friday, July 30, 2010

Fist Pumping!

In honor of the Jersey Shore premier...

Let the fist pumping begin... CLICK HERE!

Brought to you by your one and ONLY DJ FrenzE!!!

I remember you had wanted to get some music from Fabian, but it didn't happen.  Well, here is something to hold you over!

Also, breaking news...Snooki was arrested today for disorderly conduct!
Click here and here!  I am sure we will see it on the show!

Also, Angelina is back.  I started to watch the premier yesterday, but fell asleep!  I know, wtf?  BUT it was close week and I was super tired!  I will have to catch it online!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you thank you so much for the music it was really good and fresh. I have to admit I am a Jersey Shore fan! As you know I can't watch it online because when I go to the website there is a pop up screen that says "you can not view this video because of the broadcast regulations in your country"
    So I hear that it's in it's second week. Have you caught with it yet?
    I wonder if Liz ran into them in Miami. :)