Friday, July 30, 2010

Making Life Better, One Annoyance At A Time

Just a quick post.  Do you ever have that one little annoying "to do" task that could literally take 5 minutes but you just keep putting off?  Well, I do.  I had this board where I tacked up some pics (pics from the pic activity we did a while ago; you 'member?), but wanted to cover the cork board with something a little nicer.  I went out, got the paper...MONTHS ago but I had not gotten around to actually doing it.  Well, enough is enough.  Finally I took 5 minutes to cover it.

It felt good!
I don't know why I waited so long specially because I would see it every time I went out the door!  Now I feel good every time I exit my studio.  Yey me!

Now, if I could only tackle the pile of clothes that has been living on the couch for weeks...or months?  I am embarrased!

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  1. Yes I have a bunch of little things to do that don't take much time but I put aside. The bad thing about that is that they keep adding up. But it feels so good once I accomplish them so I know exactly how you feel about finally handing your frame.
    I remember presenting that activity in Yolanda's old apartment back in February. Always remember that there are things that make smile so when you're feeling down look at those photos and turn that frown upside down. :)