Wednesday, July 28, 2010

El Party (Pt2)

(Me, my dad, Nancy, my mom and Yesenia)
Okay so the party was in my parent’s backyard and it started slowly but that just meant that you had free reign of the food-tacos and enchiladas to the MAX!  The party quickly picked up and it was a great mix of family, friends and even more friends. The weather was really nice-not too hot. Here are some pics from the party:
Uncle Julian, Mom, Yesenia and Dad

My sister and baby Caitlin(sp)
You may recognize these peeps!
Nancy, Eva, Alicia(Eva's mom) and Hari!
 The last attendee did not leave until 5:30am! I think I m getting old because everyone knows I love to host parties sometimes I find myself hosting a party I was invited to(right David?) But not this one-I was tired! I went to bed at 1:30and then woke up at 3am and found my family picking up the chairs and stuff from outside. Then I moved to the couch and was talking-okay maybe just listening to my cousin and sister and then woke up at 5:30 to move to a bed. Ahhhh,  good times.  I guess there was some confusion when I spoke with Diana and Liz that morning because I told them the last guest left at 5:30am but then was called out on the fact that I did not stay up ‘til 5:30am. I got major grief over omitting that little tid-bit. And that was the party. Whew-i'm tired just writing this post-I need a nap.


  1. Jackie, the enchiladas her aunt made, were soooo good! I can't remember if I mention this already, but even if I did, they were that good that they deserve another mention. Nancy also looked happy. It was great :-)

    When you come back maybe we can have Idalia's tia make you some! :-)

  2. I am glad Nancy had a good time. And since Yolanda has mentioned that the enchiladas were super delicious more than once, I am sure they were! Trust me the first thing I am going eat when I get to Chicago is eat some Mexican food!