Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Another Floody Day!

Last Friday we had thunderstorms...and that created a huge mess for Chicagoans!  So on saturday it was Javier & Yolanda's Wedding Shower at Maggiano's!  I was so excited to go;

1) Because I am so excited for them
2) Because Maggiano's is so YUMMY!

The shower was from 12-4, so I left my place at 11.  It was suppose to take 45 mins to get there so I thought that would be enough time...boy was I wrong!

I ran into issues right away!  Dempster was closed due to flooding.  When I finally got on 294 the speed rate was around 3 MPH!  The only good thing about this situation was that next to me was one of my co-workers...actually ex-co-workers (since he quit that Thursday night).  It was such a great coincidence because I had not gotten a chance to say good bye!  We rolled down our windows and chatted it up!

So what was suppose to be a 45 min drive turned into a THREE HOUR drive!  I felt so bad arriving late, but here is what made me feel better; Javier got there at 1pm! 

It was so nice to see them happy!  I kept thinking of how far we have come along...remember "the good  ol'days"?  Yea those.  Anyways, the one thing I couldn't get use to was all the ahhhh-ing about toasters and blenders and all the other appliances.  I know I get excited about housewares, but it was just weird.  Anyways, one thing I did get very excited about was the waffle maker...mmm mmm mmm!

After the party I went to get a manicure to make it up to myself.  I love treating myself, don't I?

Here is a pic of them with my other favorite gift...a molcajete!  


  1. Awwww! That's funny Eva, only you would chat it up on the highway for a couple hours lol They do look happy!

  2. They do look happy. That stupid flooding ruined it for everyone that weekend.