Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talking about...

Talking about Molly's Cupcakes... after my Thai birthday dinner Fabian took me to Molly's Cupcakes!  I had the Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake and Fabian had the Strawberry Shortcake one.

My Cupcake!

Fabian ready to attack!

They were delish! 

Now talking about cupcakes...there is a new show on TLC called DC Cupcakes and it's about a cupcake bakery in DC.  I saw 3 episodes last Friday and it's ok.  Not much different from all the other cake/bakery shows...but I don't know why I stayed up and watch all of the shows...u know me...I love reality tv.

Talking about reality tv... Jersey Shore's 2nd season starts on July 29th...next Thursday!  I feel horrible following that show...but u know me.  They are also asking for $30,000 per episode for season 3...lucky bastards!

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha staying up to watch 3 episodes of a cupcake show.
    As for Jersey Shore I am so envious. I want to see it so bad. I'll just have to wait until it premiers here. Are they all the same cast? Are there additional cast members?