Sunday, June 27, 2010

The travels, the city, the summer...

Dear Jackie!

Muraho (hello)! I came back thinking I can speak Kinyarwanda, not true! lol I just wanted to quickly tell you that I really enjoyed my trip to Rwanda! It was great! The only thing was that I got eaten up by mosquitoes, and I will tell you very dramatically like I've told everyone else: My gorgeous legs are ruined for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!! (imagine me saying that with a bit of drama involved! lol). I was not going to post a picture of them, but since I have shown everyone else, I thought you should see it as well! Not flattering at all, but hey, what you gonna do? At least they'll be a conversation starter when someone comments on how tared up my legs are! lol I'll be trying to post more about it on my blog. I've been working on it but it seems soo long, I think I will overwhelm people with the details, although they may mean much to me. But keep an eye out for that!
I have been so busy since I came back, but good busy for the most part. Enjoying some good quality time with the family and also enjoying the summer in the city! Last weekend we went to the Puerto Rican Fest with Liz and Stephanie. We missed the parade and most of the festivities, but we still tried some delicious pomegranate ice cream and saw a couple of very good looking cops! I also got a song stock in my head, like I usually do, I repeated the whole week after! La de: Que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, la bandera Puerto Riquena!

That same night a friend invited me to a house part, and guess what? They had a live banda! Steph and Liz came with and it was lots of fun. They walked in the alley to surprise the B-Day boy and the whole neighborhood came out. They were loud! Then the cops came but they were nice and one older white cop even stayed to hear and watch the "last" song, he seemed very entertained. But little did he know, la parranda seguiria adentro! It was too funny because the place was very small and the band members were at least 15, plus the instruments, plus all of us! But it was lots of fun.

This weekend I went to the Summer Dance at the park to do some Chicago style steppin'! I had soo much fun. I went to see if I could find the "black" love of my live, but instead found a group of old white ladies that could throw it down on the dance flo! LOL I had so much fun dancing that I forgot for a lil that I was there to find my love jaja! I think dancing IS my love...
Iliana, Liz, and Stephanie joined towards the end and we met up Aksh and Tzviatko for some drinks. I had a jager shot and it is not as tasty as in the good old days I tell you! But we had tons of fun.

I'm off to Mass and then to the Mexico vs. Argentina game! MEXICO, MEXICO, MEXICO!!!!!

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  1. WOW those mosquitoes had sangria party with your legs I guess they like their blood spicy.
    oh and let me tell you, you write exactly how you talk. I can just hear you having this conversation with me especially the part where it reads" Not flattering at all, but hey, what you gonna do? At least they'll be a conversation starter when someone comments on how tared up my legs are!" jajaja

    I had a feeling you were going to be part of Chicago Summer Dance and especially the step in. Now I got this song stuck in my head "step in the name of love... grove in the name of love"

    I am sorry to hear that Mexico lost. I went to a Mexican Restaurant to watch and cheer on Mexico. The fact that they lost was bad and it was also terrible that the restaurant didn't serve creme nor jalapeƱos for my tacos.

    I want to continue to read your summer outings. Thanks for writing.