Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taking a Break

So after the hole issue I decided to take a break on Wednesday.  I invited Fabian to a "romantic-before-you-leave-to-vegas-and-be-a-hoe" dinner.  Yep, he is going to Vegas on a guys' trip.  He is flying over there as I sit here and type this.

Anyways, I wanted to send him off with a nice memory of us.  It's a bit dramatic, but it's a new "life rule" I am putting in place.  The thought is that if I treat him super nice and show him how good he has it w/me then when he is away he will miss me that much more!  Does that make sense...or is it another one of my crazy ideas?

So we went to Tapas Barcelona.  A Spanish tapas restaurant.  I have tried tapas before and I did not like them because it feels like I am playing kitchen...bc the portions are too small!  Anywho, it was Fabian's pick.  The food was "aight" but nothing too great.  We did get a buzz from the Sangria though :)

So that was my break from "getting back on track."  Today, Yolanda is coming to visit me so I am only cleaning until she gets here.  We will see tomorrow...maybe I will dye my hair.

BTW, Jackie, you gave me that notebook with the butterfly.  My "to do list" notebook.

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  1. ah yes, now I remember the notebook. I think that life rule will work well.