Thursday, June 17, 2010

Open Your Heart and Design Your Life

I had meant to post this before, but it got lost with all the noise in my head.  Nuns from this order came to our church in Glendale Heights.  After mass, I came home and found them on youtube.  (At mass they mentioned they had been on Oprah!

I found this so interesting and I hope you do too.

These are a few points of why I found it interesting;

  • I am too self involved on how to make MY life better than I never stopped to think about other people's lifes.  About how different and beautiful they are.

  • I like how the nuns were just "normal" girls...with jobs, bags, boyfriends, and shoes!

  • I love how they said that being a nun allowed them to be their better selves!  It was freeing?  What?!  Really?  With all those restrictions?  Wow.  I can kinda understand this bc if I think about my own life I can pin point things/events/responsabilities that have allowed me to be myself.  I am talking about my job and my relationship w/Fabian.  Even though they are "restricting" they have allowed me to develop into Eva.
So here are the nuns!  Enjoy!

Here are some comments I found w/the videos:

  • If God is calling someone to the priesthood or religious life as a nun or a brother, then it will be the happiest life that person can live. God is our beginning and our end, we were made for God.

  • But life is more than just having sex or checking facebook or texting. When you find something greater and something worth living, all the worldly things become just mere fantasies.

  • Silence is probably the most important part of prayer in a lot of ways. Haha I always tell friends that being quiet is the best step; one of my friends who was going throug ha really dry spiritual time decided to just be still and listen to God and experience His closeness and love. I'd say dothat in your daily prayer, and then discern any steps ahead. :) God bless!
Oh I almost forgot...I picked this title (Open Your Heart and Design Your Life) because I believe we should all open and offer our hearts to God/universe, BUT also take the time to design our own life with the best of our abilities.  I can't just go up to God and say...Here.  Do something good w/me.  I have to put forth the effort and try to be me and live my life.  The best real me, bc that's how he made me so who else can I be?

I am having trouble conveying my message...but I hope you get it.  Maybe I should have thought more about this post, but it's already been gathering up dust too long!

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