Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here I go...Again!

So after wasting my day at work I decided that to balance it out I was going to have to step it up in the evening.  Enter ambitious goals...
  1. Return these shoes.  I absolutely love them!  They are sexy!  AND they hurt like a biatch!!!  I can only wear these laying down (get your mind out the gutter!)!  So the best thing was to return them.  I got them at TJ Maxx (the absolute best store in the world!) so I knew that money was not going to go to waste!
  2. Return B-day gift.  My friend got me a movie I already had so I needed to exchange it for another goody!
  3. Grocery shopping.  I usually only do grocery shopping every once in a while and when I do I usually buy too much.  I am trying out a new technique...only buy a little at a time!  Revolutionary!  So the downside to that is that I have to go shopping more than once a month!
  4. Dye hair.  Told you I was going to be ambitious!  Buy dye at grocery store and dye hair.
What I accomplished:
  1. Returned shoes. 
    1. Well, now I had a store credit burning a whole in my I got a "couple" things for the bathroom.  You know to change it's look for summer.
  2. Returned B-day gift.
    1. Since I was already at Target I thought I would buy the groceries there.  I am a smart cookie!  I also bought the hair dye.  Very smart cookie!
By the time I got home I was hungry.  Shopping makes me hungry!  So I had a turkey sandwich 10:30.  Then I got all this energy from it (I assume) and decided to clean the bathroom and put up the "couple" things I got. 

$5 Basket

$12 "3D" Bird

Rug $5.99 & Picture Frame $5.99 (yes the one resting on the toilet)

So what happen was that...I can't nail anything to the walls because they are too ...hard and the nails break.  Yea, I know.  WTF?  So anyways, I got this tape thing and of course I just went to town and put up my frames.  For the bird one, it looked a little unbalanced so I pulled it off and pulled off a chunk of paint...oops.  No biggie I just put the frame on top of it.  BUT for the picture frame...well that was another story.  I used a large piece of tape on each side, but since it's a picture frame it has that stand thing on the back so only one side got adhered to the wall.  Well that was not going to work.  So I pulled it off and a huge chunk of paint came off.  Yes, see below.  I can't cover it up w/the frame bc A) the stupid stand on the back and B) the hole is on the side!

Ahhhh!  Frustration.  I remembered why I stopped decorating!  Anyways, it's late.  I am hot.  I need to sleep.  Good night.

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