Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pie O my!

Dear Jackie,
Well work sucks but once 5pm hits everything else washes away.  I met up with Liz and Diana for some pie at Hoosier Mama Pie Company. I knew this pie shop existed but it took almost 11 months for us to actually visit it. When you walk in you get such a nostalgic feeling and it is quite quaint.  Well, Liz had the CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE - Rich thick chocolate pastry cream topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate curls.
Diana had the BANANA CREAM PIE-
Fresh bananas in a thick layer of vanilla pastry cream topped with white chocolate curls
Lots of coconut flavor in a silky baked custard.

What did I think? The pie was good but I will take cake over pie any day but you be the judge and check it out!  BTW -- Every Friday we offer a pie flight of 3 smaller slices. You select 3 flavors from a rotating flight menu of 5 or more pies.  I may check this out!

After our pie excursion, Yolanda came over and Liz and I gave her a tour of our little neighborhood by foot.  I had a great time but maybe Jewel(Milwaukee and Ashland) is not 4 blocks like I thought...my bad

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Well that was my day!  Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Dear Idalia,
    Those pies look scrumptious! I was laughing about the four blocks because I could just imagine you girls walking and Yolanda speaking up and complaining that it was not four blocks.