Monday, June 14, 2010

Recommitting to Myself

I was starting to feel lost.  I felt careless.  I felt not committed to myself.  So today...I decided to recommit myself to myself!

Here is what I did today to get back on track (to being happy, careful, and found!):

  • Flowers: I use to keep flowers around, they make me happy and they make a place look lively.  So here!  My mom hooked it up w/this little arrangement.  We picked these flowers ourselves from her friend's garden.

  • Mail and Bills: I FINALLY checked my mail and paid all my bills!  I also called comcast bc the bill seemed to high and they are crediting me back $12, nice!

  • Living Space:  I was starting to get bored w/my little studio...basically bc I have been lusting a bigger place, but it's time I appreciate my little space!  So I started cleaning a little and re-arranging some stuff to make it feel fresh.  Here is my little entry. 

I brought in the cigar box from the trunk of my car (which is basically my storage) and it just so happened that all these candles matched!  I also added the small frame with a couple lines from a Neruda sonnett.  The box holds my sunglasses and keys.

I still have lots to do...bc I let everything just kinda fall, but I think today was a really good start.  Like putting these up...they are lovely, but on my floor.

Also, a special shout out to Jackie...bc it is her gift that helped me get it all together.

This little notebook is filled w/a long to do list!

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  1. First of all I have to say those shoes are amazing!!! Your post made me laugh. I did ask myself why the frame was on top of the toilet and not on the wall. thanks for clearing that up. So why the shout out? well I am glad you are reconnecting to yourself