Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Goals

Hi y'all!  I am a little late on posting these goals.  Let me tell you why...

First, I didn't write them down until February... I wanted to marinate in them and make sure they were true to me.

Second, I lost them.  Yep, after taking a month to write them down... I lost them!  I thought there were in my personal computer and considered them lost for a week when I didn't find them... but luckily they were in my work computer.

Now that my goals have been found... here they are!

1. Join Biggest Loser at work….

                a.To finally start working out

                b. Lose fear of the gym

2. Get new glasses

3. Grow hair out

4. Get Laser Hair removal

5. Get physical exams/dentist

6. Read 3 Books

7. Continue to keep in contact w/friends

8. Call Dad regularly

9. Send out Christmas cards

10. Visit one US state

11. Go to a country concert/bar

12. Get a new job

13. Get new apt, one bedroom maybe?

14. Take excel classes (online and classroom)

Yes, here they are.  In no particular order.  Nothing out of this world, but my goals none the less.
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  1. lol on losing them. But I am glad you found them. I like your goals because they are attainable. The one goal I am curious about is the Country Concert/Bar. What's the story behind that?