Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 4

[Week 4, 03.02.2011]
The number is +0.80.  Yes, I worked out.  I was very good. SO WHAT HAPPEN?!

According to the trainer, I gained muscle.  Which I will believe, because I did work out!  I promise I did!  I even came in on Monday morning again to work out!  She said, that people always gain weight around week 4 because we are finally starting to gain some muscle.

I am so glad that last week's learning was that weight is just a number... what a way of testing me.

Lesson Learned: Weight is really just a number.  Even though I "gained" weight I still feel well.  My clothes fit better, so yes weight is just a number.

A side story: After I weight in and the trainer told me I was up 0.80 she also said, "Take a deep breath, it's going to be ok."  Like she expected me to break out in tears or something.  She said that the previous person had also gained weight and that she was practically in tears, because she had worked out so hard.  That put things into perspective and made me realize  I need to chill.  I couldn't let this week take a toll on me.  So I accept that 0.80 of muscle gain and move on!

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