Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 3

[Week 3, 02.23.2011]

The number is -1.6.  I was very happy with this number.  Hearing that made want to give it my all.  So that week I worked out super hard.  I was in the gym 3 days doing eliptical and classes.  I was a bit obsessive.  It was also the first week I worked out before work!  Now, THAT I thought would never happen.  Me giving up sleep for the gym...never.  Until now.  I am a new person...LOL. 

I also worked out over the weekend!  Wow.  I know, I was shocked too!

No need to be sad... only you see that number.

Lesson Learned: Weight is just a number.  That's is an on going lesson.  One of my teammates does not look like she needs to lose weight, but she claims she gained 20 lbs from college.  She wanted to lose 20 lbs, but for the first 3 weeks she lost 1 lb.  I told her to realize how hard it was going to be for her to lose weight because she didn't have that much fat to begin with... unlike other people.  That instead of focusing on the number of lbs, to focus on the way she felt and her attitude.  No one but you sees that number on the scale, but what people do see is whether you have a smile on, whether you are happy or stressed.  So we decided, that how we felt was more important than what numbers we pulled in... because the other girls were not doing so well.  Some gained weight after Valentine's day so the team pressure was off!

I also noticed a difference in me.  I am way happier and also a lot less stressed.  I am able to talk to certain people (at work) with out wanting to punch them in the face!  Yey me!

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  1. I am really glad you are working hard for the Biggest Loser because like you said it is helping you work/ not punch people. Also when you wrote about working extra hard on the elliptical, I thought of DJ Tanner from full house ( don't know if you saw that episode.