Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 2

I worked out 4 times last week... that was an accomplishment for me.  A couple years ago, I would take my gym bag and literally walk past the gym... why?  I don't know.  I was scared, lazy... I don't know.  So that alone was huge for add losing THREE!  Great!

While at the gym, I do the eliptical and I've taken two classes.  One was Zumba and I love Zumba!  It's like dancing at the club and you get to shimmy all you want without the stares!  I also took a spinning class... that was tough!  I took it on Monday and my butt was in pain until Wednesday. 

Tuesday I didn't get to work out and I was starting to get really bummed out!  I had to work late and just couldn't get to the gym.  I was also in pain from spinning and dead tired from work.  That's when I decided to just rest.

Lesson Learned:  I also learned that crap happens and that sometimes I won't get to work out and I can't let that get to me.  BUT that, that also should push me to work out when I have a chance.  On Wednesday I didn't want to work out, but I told myself...I don't know if I will be able to go tomorrow so go!  I did, and boy am I glad, because today I had to work late again!  I wished I would have been able to go, but there are things that need to get done.  I needed to finish some work today because I can't work late tomorrow because I have dinner plans with Ed and two other coworkers.  I am happy to work late today if I get to enjoy my friends tomorrow.  I am learning to prioritize and to not get bummed out...because crap work happens!


  1. Great lesson learned! Thanks for sharing it! And I am very proud of you working out four times a week! It is NOT an easy thing to do, but you have done it! :-)

  2. Great to read you are working it at the gym! And thanks for pointing out that crap happens. It's easy to forget that sometimes you just don't have time for things!