Monday, January 31, 2011

The Biggest Loser!

So as I have mentioned to most of you...I have joined The Biggest Loser weight lost program at work.  This week is the initial weigh in.... it was a reality check... but I wasn't surprised because I have been stuffing my face for the last year! 

The program runs from Feb 1st to April 8th.  We are divided into teams of 5 people and compete per % weight lost.  (pounds lost/initial weight)

My team seems pretty serious about winning which is a great because I need to be pushed!

Today was also my first work out in about a year!  Yikes...shock to the body!

I worked out for 40 minutes in the eliptical and here is proof! 

I am very excited!  Hopefully this is a new healthy beginning for me.  Wish me luck friends, wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck. How is your team doing? it's been a week.
    Is there a prize at the end for the team or an individual?

  2. Si se puede! Si se puede! And if you need more encouragement, remember that your co-worker will kick people off the team! We should go work out together one of these days :-)