Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweet Appreciation

Suspicious package arrives at 10 am.

Everyone gathers around my cube wondering what is in package. No mail is EVER received on this side of town.

After five minutes of struggling with packaging tape and scissors … I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

One of my plants sent me this package.  It has been one of the nicest suprises I have received.  I know it's small, but it really meant the world to me.  Specially because the card was signed by all the office employees there.  Awww, me blushing.
(In case you are wondering, yes I do have my gift displayed as such on my desk…I have no shame!)

On other work related news... One of my best buds has left the company.  Yesterday was his last day so it was specially nice to receive this today since we were feeling kinda down and missing his craziness.


  1. sorry to hear about your co-worker but maybe he can hook it up w/ a J-O-B!

  2. Eva, have you talked to Ed? how is he doing at his new job?

  3. Awww Eva! At least you still hang out with him! And I agree with Liz, he may hook it up!