Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Pretty Much Made My Day

At work I support 2 bakery plants and 1 cheese plant.  Let me just tell you how much I appreciate them!  They send me gifts, they ask about my well being when the weather is bad (a lot this winter), and sometimes they are a pain with all of their questions...but sometimes they crack me up!

See this IM conversation with the bad boy of Atlanta, that's the analyst at one of my plants.

Plant: I'm looking at my GR variance report.  It appears to be unhappy.

Me: Tickle it.  That might help.

Plant: OK...hold on

Me: Ok.

Plant: It just stared at me and mentioned something about a lawyer.
Ha, ha.  I couldn't help him with his report or analysis, but this pretty much made my day.

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