Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I keep thinking about you Jackie!

Liz and I were chatting about a place down the street from the apartment that is called "Ecua phone cards" or something along those lines. I run or walk by it almost everyday! Every time I see the Ecuador flag I remember you, but I have yet to make it inside. When I do, I'll be proud to tell them all about my friend (o sea, tu!) who lives in Ecuador :-)

I also played soccer on Saturday (after a 12 mile run, I was soo tired, but it was soo much fun!). It was 18 guys and two girls. I was one of the two. The guys were actually very cool about having girls play and I had a lot of fun. We were out there for almost two hours and then had pizza all together afterwards. The team is called International Futbol Club, which is the co-ed version of the female team I started playing indoor with in the Spring. It is truly an International crowd, people from Africa, South America, Mexico, U.S., and Asia are part of it. One of the guys, who I actually invited to come out to play because I knew he liked soccer (I met him recently through a friend) kept poking fun at me (he was trying to be funny and nice, but didn't quite work with me) because I couldn't run as fast as them, he called me turtle and pointed out some flaws of mine. I wanted to punch him in the face, but besides that I realized that I didn't really care what he thought. All the other guys seemed cool with us making mistakes and honestly, I just really like playing soccer!! So he is not going to stop me :-)

But anyway, the important point was that I kept thinking of other girls that would want to play with us and thought about you. Unfortunately you are not here! But when you come back, you will play Jackie! But I'm soo glad you're also playing soccer there. I feel like it's in my heart and my blood. I just have so much fun playing! I imagine you do too. I just wanted to share with you :-)

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  1. I am glad you are enjoying playing soccer. I do to, although I don't know if I told you I got injured back in August and was out for awhile.
    This weekend I went on a mini excursion to a little tiny town and I wanted to watch the soccer game Mexico vs Ecuador and we went to a restaurant that had a 20 inch tv for 20 people. It was better than nothing.
    Continue to play!