Saturday, August 21, 2010

August is flying by....

Hey Jackie!

I hope you had an awesome b-day! Can't wait to read all about it :-)

As of me and my adventures, they continue! First, Idalia's celebration. I had so much fun and Eva picked up some delicious cupcakes! But I'll let Idalia tell the story from her perspective, but it was great!

In August my new nice was born, Yaretzi (luna amada or something like that) and I am very happy for the new and healthy addition. I have also had some other celebrations @ the house
with my nieces and their 13 and 14 b-days. The 14 yr old starts high school this week where Eva and I went to high school. I'm so excited and nervous for her at the same time. They're growing
too fast, I remember like it was yesterday when I held them in my arms. I'm going to move on because I think I may just cry.

Any way so I really like it the new place. It's also awesome that Liz lives down the street, I have
seen more of her over the past two weeks than the whole year! lol My room is coming along great (I'll post pics soon). I'm so glad I asked for help, it is easier to have more than just yourself trying to figure out what you want/need. It's been more enjoyable this way. I also brought my bike, but since I'm still scared of riding in
general, I'm having a hard time trying to event take it out of the garage! But I think it is so cute. A friend of mine painted it for me with the youth I used to volunteer for at the church, 'member? If I ever do ride it in the city, I will make a big deal about it and let you know :-)

In regards to travel, I took the free trip with my mom to Santa Fe. I wrote a little bit about in on my blog, check it out. It was fun. The summer dances continue in Chicago and I have also done a few more. The latest were Samba and Bulgarian music. I was sweating bullets both times, but I have to say, it is one of the few times when I don't care how much I sweat! Your cousins didn't come out this time :-/

Oh guess what? We saw Vanessa yesterday. It had been a while and it was nice to catch up. Her baby is so cute and getting bigger! Vane looks great and I think we all really enjoyed the time together. Although I over ate and then had a tummy ache :-( Pero lo comida nadie me lo quita!

It feels like the summer is flying by Jackie! I've enjoyed it very much being back in the city this year and wish you were here to go
dance with me. But it's ok, I admire you so much! Btw, I start school on Monday and my social life will decrease, I'm a nerd, you know how that goes. I focus and it's study time!

So perhaps, you may stop reading about all these fun outings and more about me sitting on my desk and stressing about them papers! Either way, you will hear from me lol

Cuidate Jackie! Sigue disfrutando Ecuador :-)


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  1. Dear Yolanda,
    It must be hard see you nieces grow up because they are entering a new world. High school! This is the time when it is most difficult for them because they are pressured and want to fit in and are still innocent, but if you guide them and give them advise they will now what is right from wrong.
    - Yes, Eva posted a pic of those delicious looking cupcakes. I am sure they were great.
    - What a cute little bike, you should definitely show it off. I read on facebook today that you and Liz ran 18 miles. One word... WOW! You two are doing great. I am glad you to are spending so much time together, do that while you still can because it gets harder in the winter.
    - Oh I like that picture of you and Vanessa? How is she doing? what's new with her?
    -As for my birthday, I woke up and went to class until 1pm then at lunch I ate with my aunt two cousins and my (cousin inlaw?) and I blew out the question mark candle. That is,after I made a wish. My mom called and we talked for a good 20 mins. and I told her how much I loved her and that it was a bit hard not spending my birthday with her or friends, but that I was grateful for my aunt and her efforts. Then I was off to work and got off at 9pm. It was wierd that no one at the University and at work didn't say "Happy Birthday" but it was really my fault for not saying anything, so I had no reason to complain. But when I got off work at 9pm,another cousin called me and said lets go for some beer and pizza. So I said lets go!I wasn't going to feel sorry for myself. We had a meat lovers pizza, then a veggy and also one with ...sardines. It wasn't that bad but I don't think it'll be my first choice of toppings.
    I did get to read all of the FB messages and the blog entries and that was touching. Although I missed your & liz's call I did listen to the voice mail and it brought a nice smile to my face.
    I got home close to midnight and was able to call Idalia on Skype and that was a good way to end the day!
    I realized how much more I need you value all of my close friends because I truly missed you. So I hope you can do me a favor and spend as much time as you can with each other and your loved ones.
    Have a great week!