Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Idalia's Surprise Bowling Extravaganza Party!

On Tuesday we got together to celebrate our dear friend's birthday!  Since the rain ruined the beach plans for the b-day celebration...we needed to do something....and a bowling party seemed appropiate!

The party was held at Lucky Strike in downtown Chicago. 

We had food, drinks, CUPCAKES, and so much fun!

I'll let Idalia, tell u the details...since
1) I don't have pics
2) I want to know if she was really surprised!

1 comment:

  1. That was really thoughtful of you girls. I am sure Idalia was happy. So Idalia, where you surprised or did someone spill the beans?
    as for the relation with the beach and bowling...I am still trying to figure it out.:) I'll think of something.
    I saw a few photos that Yolanda posted.
    So who had the highest score? and who needs to spend a little bit more time practicing?