Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Move + Acceptance

Hello!  I am back.  I took a little time off to settle into my new studio.  So far so good.

I have a couple posts cooking, but first lets start with the move.

I am now on the 3rd floor!

On Sunday (leave it to me to wait until  the last day of a long weekend) I asked my family to help me move.  By family I mean my mom, stepdad and uncle.  Even though I was only moving to the 3rd floor I was still going to need some man power!
 (Special thanks to all my gfs that contacted me to help, really thanks!)

I am kinda set up...for now. 

So do you remember my "dining room" posts (one and two)....well I finally accepted that I do not have the space for a dinning small as my cute little table is.  I have a counter so I will get some stools instead.  So I let go of the idea and sent it back home with my family.  I promised myself that one day I would give myself a dream dinning room/eating nook.

Ok ... so where are the pics?....well my studio was clean...WAS, but I started to clean my closet and started throwing clothes on the floor...because how else can you clean the closet?  Anyways, pictures to come soon.

In the mean time, I now get to ride this elevator.  Since I am only the 3rd floor I usually take the stairs.  I take the elevator when I want to fantasize about living a fabulous life a la Carrie in an old vintage building in New York... yea I am weird, so?

Old School Elevator

Also, we got a new intercom...and guess what?  I am NOT in it.  I need to call someone to fix that!

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