Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 1

{this was suppose to be posted on 02.09.2011}

So today was the moment of truth....the dreaded first weigh in.....and I am lucky to report that my prayers worked.... I lost TWO pounds.... yey! 

How?!  I don't know, prayer I guess...because this was not the best week.

The first day was easy, but on Tuesday I left work at 1pm because of the snow storm...  I went to my parents because I didn't want to deal with parking and with my car being buried by snow.  I stayed there until Friday morning when I went back to work.  I did not leave the house, other than to shovel some snow.  While at home I ate delicious homecooked meals, exquisite chinese take out, sneaked in a few Oreos, a few Chips A'hoy, some chocolate Abuelita, some sweet bread....and I think that was it.  AND I didn't work out.  Mmm yea not too good.

On Friday I went back to work and had a salad and worked out.  Trying to recover... but then I went out with Fabian and his friends for a very delayed Christmas dinner at Nandu's Argentinian Restaurant.  It was delish!

The rest of the weekend I tried to take it easy, but it was Super Bowl Sunday and I had to have a couple wings.
I worked out Monday and Tuesday to try to recover again...and then on Wednesday I was at -2.  Prayers I tell you!

As for prizes...we haven't been told, but I do know we get t-shirts.

Lesson Learned: This week I learned that if you let people in they will support you!  I have always been closer to the guys at work, meaning I stay away from the girls...well now with the Biggest Loser I am surrounded by girls and you know what?  They aren't so bad!  They have been so supportive!  They come by ask how I am doing, ask about going to the gym, and my fave... they hi-five!  Yea, guys don't really hi-five!


  1. Yey! Go Eva! (picture me giving you a hi-five)

  2. Support always helps motivated one to put in more effort. I am sending you a high five as well with a hip bump.