Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Own Dressing Room!

A couple months ago I saw a posting on a dressing room.  The couple had an extra room in their house and the wife decided to make it her dressing room!  How great is that?!  Well, since I do live in a studio with not even a bedroom... I can't quite have that... but I do have a small closet room!

A trip to Wal-Mart got the decorating juices flowing... I got a $3 poster, a $7 frame and a $10 rug.  I also moved a lamp from the "living room" and waaalaaa!  I got me a dressing room!

At one point I was upset with myself for getting the red dresser instead of the black one.  It has been two years since I changed my bedroom decor from red to green to blue... so the dresser stood out like a sore thumb (literally!), but when I saw this pic it all fell into place! 

I also thought the framed poster made it more glam than a mirror could.  I already have a full length mirror so I won't be missing out on anything.  What do u think?  I love it!

It also makes me want to keep an organized closet.  Which the actual closet part is still a WIP, but I will keep you updated on any progress.


  1. The red dresser totally goes glam with rug! Love it ( oprah voice)