Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goals Update: Q1

This update was suppose to have happened at the beginning of April, but life got in the way.  April was a very busy month...with what?  I don't even remember, but I am sure it was a great part work!

So here is the updated Goals List:
Join Biggest Loser
Get New Glasses
Visit One US State
WIP - Get a New Job
WIP - Grow Hair
WIP - Get Laser Hair removal
WIP - Continue To Keep In Contact With Friends
WIP - Call Dad Regularly
Read 3 Books
Get Physical Exams
Go To The Dentist
Go To a Country Concert/Bar
Get New Apartment
Take Excel Classes
Send Out Christmas Cards

Q2 New Goals
WIP - Back Up and Organize Digital Documents and Pictures
Follow a Budget

The crossed out ones are done and done!  The WIP ones are a work in progress.  I will do a post on the "done" ones and another one on the WIP ones.
I also added two more goals.  I really need to keep on track!  I think that having this list has really helped me stay focused.
Now for a pic...because a post is better with a pic.


  1. lol nice picture. Good job on your goal progress!

  2. you can put " Get New Apartment" on WIP.
    Also if you need someone to accompany you to a country bar, I offer. Keep it up.