Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inspiration Board

One of my first projects is to create an inspiration board.  During the last couple of months (ok, it's actually been a little more) I have felt very uninspired and robotic.  You know the drill, sleep/work/eat/sleep/work... it's time.  I am blaming this "mood" on my move out of the city and into a lonely Evanston studio.  Imagine trading in two great roomates for a small screen tv....hmmm yea not the best deal.

Anyway...back to my inspiration board...check out these links:

Make Under My Life
Kelly and Olive
Art Love Food Life

The Plan:  I have invited a couple of friends over to create our own inspiration boards...if everything goes as planned I should have it up by Monday!

So far I have this:

Yes!  My Banner is part of what will become my inspiration board!

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