Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally Here: Inspiration Board

My first project was to create an inspiration board.  I started by collecting pictures that would strike me in one way or another.  I didn't want to begin looking for pics with a "theme" already in mind.  Instead I wanted this exercise to bring to light the kind of inspiration I was lacking and here is what the sun shined upon!

I'll start from the bottom left side and go clockwise {and will try to be brief since I am still trying to figure out what all this means!}

  • Limes: Could be as easy as I love limes?!  I love fruit/veggies + lime + chili + salt, coca~cola and a squeeze of lime, a smooth tequile shot + lime wedge, key lime pie, lemon chicken...etc.  I also like to think that I try to make the best of a situation, such as when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

  • Hot Eva Mendes:  Aside from her looking super hot, I love the attitude she portrays in this pic.  She looks fierce, confident, and strong.

  • Proud of the Way I Look...Right Now:  Frase I want to be able to say.  Acceptance.

  • Chick in Chones: I just love how she looks!  She does not have the same body as Mendes, but she looks so joyful and also very confident!

  • Birth Day and Birthday:  I bet your birth day was very Birthdays should always be celebrated and fun!

  • Nice Little Numbers:  I work with numbers and I enjoy numbers.  I love how they can all fit together, like a great big puzzle.  It's an awesome feeling when you triumph over them!  {Insert Evil Laugh - Ha, ha, ha! }

  • Most Efficient:  I am always looking for the most efficient way.  I enjoy finding solutions.

  • Lentil Soup + Salad: I figured that eating healthy is the center of all these feelings.  It also reminds me of my mom because she is always trying to feed me lentils!

  • Con Limon: Do it all Con Limon!  AKA Con Sazon!  AKA With Flavor!

So that's where to go from here?

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