Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My birthday was so great. I was completely surprised and caught off guard because I was expecting to go see a movie and have dinner with Diana and Liz. When we arrived to AMC by Navy Pier I was thinking we were going to eat at the sushi place right next door: But we walked right past it and no one said anything. I ant going to lie, I was hungry so on our way up the escalators, I finally said, “where are we going?” Diana responded, we are going to go see a movie and eat popcorn! Yums, you had me at popcorn. But then we go to Lucky Strike, what?! So we are going to get a drink beforehand. Okay, but then we walk in to the lounge area and there is everyone…Eva, Yolanda and then I saw my sisters and was sooooo touched that they would include them. I love my sisters so much that it was nice to share this experience with them. Who attended: Eva, Fabian, Yolanda, Diana, Liz, Yesenia, Nancy, Laura A., Ramon (L.A. boyfriend), Laura Gomez, Jose (L.G. boyfriend), Hugo and his lady friend aka secret weapon. It was all so nice. The food was delicious. So after dinner we had some tasty cupcakes and you would think that would be the end of it but NO!
 We were going bowling, woohoo!!! I was so excited, I'm not a huge bowler but I was so appreciative that the party was going to keep on going. The first game was a bit competitive but tons of fun. I think next time I am going to ask if they have kiddie bowl, you know? The one where they cover the gutters. We all could have benefited from gutter guards. Well, everyone except maybe Fabian! Here are a few pics of that night:

Fabian just grinning about how bad bowlers Eva's friend are
Molly's cupcakes-yums!

Yolanda showing my sister and Diana a bowling move!
Jose, Laura, liz and Yolanda
 Thank you to all that may that night such a treat!  Sorry for my delay in getting this post up but honestly August has been a whirlwind. To find out more please check out my blog:

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  1. Hi Idalia,
    Yes I knew about your secret birthday get together. I am so glad you had a blast. We have great friends.
    Those gutters always help plus I think it brings people's self esteem up.
    August was busy for me too, hence I didn't write to you girls last month but I will try next week.